Using this high-quality organic lighter from Austria to kindle a fire in the fireplace and barbecue fires, makes the process so much easier, safe and clean.

FeuerMaxx lighters are made of wood wool (wood from certified forests), soaked in wax and are especially suitable for fireplaces, grill, ovens and other heating appliances.

Feuer Maxx lighters burn strong and reliable up to 10 minutes and ignite logs, coal or other firing material. Clean and absolutely odour-free, without causing formation of harmful substances and soot. When using a grill, no residual traces will be found in food and the taste remains the same. 

This lighter is economic in use due to the high calorific value when compared to other lighters. 

You will be amazed after your first use. Convince yourself of the many advantages!

Kindling wood – chamber dried – absolutely dry

Kindling wood 6 kg (per package) – chamber dried

Our kindling wood consists of high-quality wood and is 100% chamber dried.


The name KOLLER stands for an established family-owned company which have developed dynamically in more than 45 years and is seen as a pioneer in the range of whirlpool technology. The KOLLER International Group consists today next to Koller Holz, of further following divisions:
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